Why we founded Proxy Watcher

To incorporate ESG into voting guidelines for corporate Japan

Proxy Watcher was founded in 2021 by Koh Matsuki. The goal of Proxy Watcher is to actualize a new economic system for stakeholder democracy.

From 2018 until 2020, Koh was a reporter for Nikkei, where he covered Japan market news and shareholder activism. He began to question corporations' ethics, their impact on the global environment, and their implications for humanity. Koh soon realized the power of shareholders and wanted to make changes. 

We believe that the next generation should be involved in corporate decisions. There is power in voting. Democratic elections make the world a better place. Shareholders can create a better future, persuading companies to pave the path to a better future. Together, we can shake the sense of stagnation that blankets corporate Japan.

Proxy Watcher’s mission is to amplify the voices of stakeholders and investors around the world. We are committed to improving the social value of Japanese companies.

Important things for the future of Corporate Japan


E (Environment): to ensure that the company's business activities do not hurt the environment, but rather promote global sustainability.

S (Social): to create a psychologically safe place to work, where employees feel comfortable challenging themselves.

G (Governance): to promote internal governance of an organization by the most qualified personnel.

Our Principles

Vision: Democracy for all stakeholders

Proxy Watcher supports corporate dialogue between shareholders representing a broad range of stakeholders and publicly listed companies, in order to create a sustainable and psychologically safe workplace.


Proxy Watcher is committed to creating a society in which all corporate stakeholders can engage in friendly dialogue about their mission as global citizens and decision-makers in the corporate community.


We advocate for the idea that every proxy voting matters.

We will create our own future with our hands by proxy voting for Japanese listed companies.

Company Name

Proxy Watcher Inc.

Date of Establishment

December 08, 2021

Office Address (Tokyo)

Kanda Nishiki Cho 2-2-1
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Our Team

Koh Matsuki


From 2018-20, Koh served as a reporter for Nikkei, covering market news and earning announcement of railway/printing/healthcare sector. He specifically focus on shareholder's engagement, interviewing activist funds and corporate leaders. Now seeking a best way to revitalize Corporate Japan with power of ESG activism by leading a team in Tokyo. Collaborating with ESG frontrunners worldwide to redefine corporate purpose.

Daniel Chi-fung Yeung


A PhD candidate at Waseda University. He joined Proxy Watcher in November 2022. Previously working in public universities in Hong Kong as a research assistant, he was involved in research projects related to international political economy and financial regulations. He holds a Master's degree in public policy and a bachelor's degree in environmental studies as well.

Hoorossadat Zafarmand


Currently an undergraduate student at the faculty of Law, the university of Tokyo, she is mainly studying International Politics at university. Born in Iran, she mostly grew up in Japan. She studied at a Dutch university for a short time. She has work experience in the fields of education and sales and was a former youth work intern at a community center. She started an internship at Proxy Watcher in February 2023. Her main duty is making and translating documents.

Reika Mihara


As an undergraduate student at Faculty of Liberal Arts, Sophia University, she majors in philosophy and religious studies combined with her minor in art history. Having joined Proxy Watcher as an intern in September 2022, she has been covering workplace DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion). Through her previous internship at the U.S.-Japan Council and the Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center, she has cultivated her knowledge and experience in building international partnership and the inclusive environment.