Proxy Watcher published “ESG Activism Japan 2022”

September 14, 2022

Proxy Watcher Inc. (Headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Koh Matsuki, CEO) has published “ESG Activism Japan 2022” (English and Japanese editions, 日本語版はこちら).

*The report is available free of charge in English and Japanese by filling out the form on this page (right side of the page for PCs, bottom of the page for tablets and smartphones).

This report summarizes the dialogue between major Japanese companies and their shareholders, focusing on the 2022 shareholder proxy meeting season (mainly in June 2022). The 2022 edition also includes comments from organizations that have submitted shareholder proposals to Japanese companies, as well as from climate change/corporate governance experts.



[Table of contents]

  • Foreword (Koh Matsuki, CEO of Proxy Watcher)
  • Summary of Shareholder Proposals 
  • From Experts/Proponents
    • Reflection of 2022 Jp Proxy Season (Emi Onozuka, President and CEO of eminent group)
    • How Shareholders Can Promote Corporate Decarbonization (Julien Vincent, Executive Director of Market Forces)
    • The Role of Climate Change-related Shareholder Proposals (Dr. Kimiko Hirata, Executive Director of Climate Integrate / Director of Kiko Network)
    • Board Diversity: Early Observations of Investor and Company Actions from the 2022 Proxy Season (Tracy Gopal, Third Arrow Strategies Founder)
  •  List of Shareholder Proposals to JP Major (Nikkei 225) Companies 
  • Publisher Information


Proxy Watcher will continue to value communication with our stakeholders, including readers of the report, as we work to create corporate value toward our vision of “Realization of Stakeholder Democracy.

If you have any inquiries regarding the contents of the report, please contact us at info[a] (Replace[a] to @)

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